Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silver Phoenix - Contest

Today is the release date for Cindy Pon's debut novel, SILVER PHOENIX: BEYOND THE KINDOM OF XIA.

To celebrate the release of her book Cindy in holding a contest to win one of her original beautiful Chinese brush art along with a signed copy of SILVER PHOENIX. Or if you'd prefer, you could choose a $100 gift card to a book store of your choice along with a signed copy of SILVER PHOENIX. Follow this link to see the options available to enter her contest.

Sadly my copy of SILVER PHOENIX has not arrived. Barnes & Noble reserved a copy but did not actually order the book for me. That has been rectified as of this afternoon. I have about four to five business days before I get to lose myself in Ai Ling's story. I can't wait.


Vickie said...

I hope your book arrives soon and B&N does something nice to repay you for your patience. It's a nice dream world I live in....

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

Wouldn't that be nice. There's nothing wrong with dreaming.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Hope you get it soon :)
Anyways.. You got an award waiting :)