Sunday, July 10, 2011

What I'm Reading and What I've Read

Friday, I finished BLACK HEART LOA (Hoodoo Series #2) by Adrian Phoenix. It was just as yummy as BLACK DUST MAMBO. Maybe even a little yummier. More players are revealed and more questions come up just when you get answers or hints of answers to the questions already asked. I’m looking forward to next year’s release of the third book. I really need to start reading Adrian Phoenix’s Maker’s Song Series.

This morning I started reading HONEYED WORDS (Sarah Beauhall Series #2) by J.A. Pitts. So far it’s pure awesomeness. John Pitts will be at Powell’s Wednesday night at 7:00 for a book signing. I’m hoping to have as much of this book completed as possible. Since I’m a slow reader and have falling asleep when trying to read in the evening lately, I make no promise to finishing it by then. Though, I am hopeful.

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Vickie said...

I haven't read Adrian Phoenix yet. I do like those titles, will add to the WWBL.