Thursday, September 1, 2011

My August Reads

I read three whole books in August. Just three. At least they were a good three. I would recommend them all.

WICKED GAME (WVMP Radio Series #1) by Jeri Ready-Smith, UF, TPB – This was a fun start to the series.

DOWNPOUR (Graywalker Series #6) by Kat Richardson, UF, HB – I’m still up in the error as to which of the 6 books is my favorite, but this one is a contender. Great location and characters.

BLOODSHOT(Cheshire Red Reports Series #1) UF, BOCD & TPB – Seriously all kinds of awesomeness.

There should have been a fourth book on the list but I’ve had a hard time staying awake and reading or just sitting down to read. My book time suffers.

1 comment:

Vickie said...

It is quality, chickie, not quantity. You read some highly excellent books.
I am SO glad you liked WICKED GAME!!!